AWS Road Trip

14 User Groups, 5500 Miles, One Evangelist

Day 5 - Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

I woke up in Kualu Lumpur, had breakfast with Markku, and checked out of the Aloft hotel. I took the following picture just before I left:

Near the Aloft

We walked across the street and boarded a train that took us directly to the KLIA airport. Interestingly enough, the hotel and the airport shops were both happy to accept payment in Singaporean Dollars. I did not have any of the Malaysian currency due to the very short time (less than 24 hours) that we spent in the country. The airport had a nice display of plane models:

Model Planes

One short flight later and we were back in Singapore. I returned to the Marina Bay Sands and checked in, then headed over to the Convention Center and the AWS Summit.

The first event (Cloud Kata) was in full swing:

Fate smiled on me and I was given a really nice corner room:

Here’s the view from my window:

And from the window in the hallway:

Here’s the hotel – the unique and spectacular Marina Bay Sands. I have yet to visit the rooftop pool:

The AWS Cloud Kata includes a Start-up Hub to connect sources and sinks of talent and money:

I’ll spend tomorrow at the AWS Summit!