AWS Road Trip

14 User Groups, 5500 Miles, One Evangelist

Day 16 - Santa Barbara

I spent the day cleaning up my presentation. Late in the afternoon I headed over to the Workzones office and got set up.

Santa Barbara AWS 1

Santa Barbara AWS 2

AWS Solutions Architects Miles Ward and Simon Plant helped out with some of the more esoteric questions. My colleagues Dave Schappell and Ryan Cox were also very helpful. I am happy that all of them were at the event.

After things quieted down, Jeff Simeon demonstrated his Birdeez app to me on an iPad. As someone who owns and constantly restocks four bird feeders, this app was of interest to me. It helps the user to identify birds that they see by size, shape, and color.

The event was a big success thanks to the efforts by Hannah Anderson, Garrett Holmstrom, and Kyo Lee.

I did very little driving today, but here’s my MapBox:

Tomorow I will drive to San Jose, speak at the AWS User Group, and then head up to San Francisco to spend the night. I have two early presentations there.